Introducing the Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery Monolight Bolt Productions is excited to add
the brand-new Profoto TTL, B1 500 battery monolight to its rental list. The B1 gives you
reliable battery power, precision control, and, best of all, it lets you run TTL through your
compatible Canon or Nikon camera. 


Its versatile and brilliant design—no cables or cords—lets you shoot how you want.
Add to that power, speed, and the many light shaping-possibilities that Profoto lights are
known for, and you have an off-camera flash that makes gorgeous light easy.

B1 details at a glance:

Wirelessly integrate the B1 with your Canon camera with the Air Remote TTL-C, which
attaches to the hot shoe and can be set to either automatic TTL mode or Manual mode
for full creative lighting control. Operates at up to 1,000 ft. without any cables or cords.

The high-capacity Li-Ion Battery for the B1 provides up to 220 full-power flashes and
saves you the trouble of having to worry about running out of power. The battery is
exchanged in seconds thanks to the quick-release design.

500Ws adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments over a 9 f-stop power range 

Quick-burst capability ensures you nail the shot 

Compatibility with a wide range of Profoto light-shaping tools.

Visit our webpage to learn more about how you can buy or rent the incredible Profoto
B1 500 AirTTL Battery Monolight.


Be among the first to rent Profoto’s brand-new B1 battery monolight.

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$300 per Day


The EOS-1D C is Canon's first DSLR designed specifically for video and it's all about the ability to go with 4K recording..  This marvel allows for onboard 4K motion imaging through CF cards or HD motion imaging caprture through HDMI recording through our available PIX240i from Sound Devices.



1dc feature 01a



In addition if you need stills, you will have enough resolution to extract a frame grab for mutiple use with print media.  The size of the sensor is key when using the EOS-1D C as the main camera with the 5DMII or 5DMIII (full frame DSLR) as B-roll cameras or shooting in conjunction with the C300 (Super 35mm). 


Our Daylight Space - 2408 Converse St Studio

After a year of design and renovation, our new daylight rental studio is available for your next still or motion shoot. This space is awash in light. With over 40 feet of south facing windows, natural light can be used to illuminate your entire set. The rental studio also features a wide open floor plan unobstructed by columns allowing for one large set or multiple sets for your production. Other amenities include a full kitchen, dressing room and make-up area, producer's desk, wifi, stereo system, and 14 ft ceilings. Take a look at the 2408 Converse St Gallery to see this rental studio space for more details.
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The Bolt Productions staff is backed by a positive reputation for providing Photographers and Videographers Canon Pro Digital Cameras, Phase One Digital Backs, Lenses, Apple Computer Rental, Strobe, HMI, Tungsten, Kino Flo, LED, Grip And Video Equipment. Our rental house is  geared towards a user friendly atmosphere. We understand your needs and will help you choose the right equipment for a successful still or motion shoot. Rent Photo and Digital equipment in Dallas, TX and Nationwide with Confidence!  If you need a rental studio for your next production, look no further. We offer two unique spaces in our Chemical St and Converse St Studios.