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Kessler Products

The Kessler CineSlider, K-Pod and Hercules Head allow for real creativity.

The Kessler CineSlider is a heavy duty, portable, mini-dolly slider system for camera rigs weighing up to 80 pounds (30 lbs center mounted on Hercules 2.0 Head or Ball Mount). The CineSlider has an adjustable arc diamter handle, drag control, and is our most robust and durable slider system with the rail protected on the inside of the channel.


Kessler CineSlider



Pocket Jib

Kessler Pocket Jib™

The Kessler Pocket Jib™ is the ultimate compact, portable jib. Not only is this jib fully collapsible for easy transport, but you can also mount the Kessler Pocket Dolly™ or CineSlider™ to it, turning it into a virtual "all-in-one" production tool, offering both a jib and mini-dolly in one unit.

Kessler Pocket Jib