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Fiilex Test Drive Program

New at Bolt: The Fiilex Test Drive, a one week rental program to try Fiilex lighting gear for 1 week.

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Cambo Actus DB2 Mini

Enhance your creativity with the Cambo ACTUS-DB-2

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10 Best iPhone Photography Apps

iPhone photography has gained recent popularity and finesse within the past years, giving smartphone owners the opportunity to take stunning photographs with ease. We see examples all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but do you ever wonder how to achieve such quality? The answer is through apps.

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Bolt Pro Tip: Power an iMac Using Only a Battery

We were asked recently by one of our customers if there was a way to power a Imac on location with only battery power. Our solution was to pair the Apple 27" Imac with a Block Battery 600w/h inverter powered by 4 Block Battery 2F1 batteries.

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K 5600 Kurve 4.5’ Parabolic Umbrella

The new Kurve 4.5’ Parabolic Umbrella is one of 3 new parabolic umbrella reflectors from K 5600. The 4.5’ Kurve can handle any Joker HMI up to 1600W, other 2K incandescent fixtures, and strobe heads.

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