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F&V R-300 LED Ring Light

The R-300 ring light is equivalent in power to a conventional 1x1 light panel. It features variable dimming, battery power, as well as snap-on magnetic filters.

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F&V Z720S UltraColor Bi-Color Ring Light

Reap all the benefits the Z720S has to offer. When you're not in need of a ring light, the incredible power of the Z720S LEDs allows you to use the light off camera as a standalone LED fixture. 

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Fiilex Test Drive Program

New at Bolt: The Fiilex Test Drive, a one week rental program to try Fiilex lighting gear for 1 week.

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Cambo Actus DB2 Mini

Enhance your creativity with the Cambo ACTUS-DB-2

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10 Best iPhone Photography Apps

iPhone photography has gained recent popularity and finesse within the past years, giving smartphone owners the opportunity to take stunning photographs with ease. We see examples all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but do you ever wonder how to achieve such quality? The answer is through apps.

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