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flash duration

Using Flash Duration to Freeze Water Droplets

Often photographers are asked to “stop action” for a shoot. This could mean anything from “freezing” water droplets, stopping dancers mid-air in a jump, or tennis players mid-swing outside in full sun. All of the aforementioned scenarios can use different flash durations, and depending on the Mono-head or Flash System (power pack and head), some fair better than others.

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Arri Sky Panels

Arri knocks it out of the park with its LED light fixture lineup

With awesome power and flexibility, the SkyPanel produces beautifully clean light with a single soft shadow. Perfect for broadcast and theatrical applications!

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video camera renting vs buying

Pros and Cons of Renting Video Equipment vs Buying

Nowadays, with gear being truly reasonable, there is an incentive to invest in gear and accessories outright. However, there are unseen costs that come with both renting or purchasing professional video gear. If want to work with cinema primes or need a steady rig for a heavier camera, then consider the pro and cons of renting.

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Make Create logo

Resource Dedicated to Photography Production

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Nicole Lloyd, one of the creators of the website Make Create. We were introduced to the site at the beginning of the year.

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Traveling with lithium batteries

Traveling with Batteries

There’s been a crackdown on transporting batteries either as carry-on or checked baggage, as well as shipping packages using FedEx, UPS, or by other carriers. If not properly protected or stored, batteries have the potential to generate a tremendous amount of heat and can potentially catch fire.

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