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Traveling with lithium batteries

Traveling with Batteries

There’s been a crackdown on transporting batteries either as carry-on or checked baggage, as well as shipping packages using FedEx, UPS, or by other carriers. If not properly protected or stored, batteries have the potential to generate a tremendous amount of heat and can potentially catch fire.

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videography essentials list

The Essential DSLR Videography Kit 

Thinking about creating video with your DSLR camera? Then read on!

Many still photographers are moving into videography. It's a natural step, with DSLRs offering the essential tools to experiment with. Video has some different rules from photography, so you'll need to purchase or rent some accessories, to make for an easier experience.

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Old flash camera

Continuous or Strobe Lighting, the eternal question? Or is it!

A frequently-asked question we get at Bolt Productions is whether one should shoot with continuous or strobe lighting? The answer to that question has changed over the last few years due to changes in technology and changes to shooting styles.

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How To Use Lights For Fashion Shots

You Tube videos are a very convenient way to learn “how to” do something on the fly. If you want to learn how to fix a tail light, become a real estate investor or even learn how to be a fashion photographer go find the “how to” video on You Tube.

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Sony a7S II 

The Sony a7S II is the latest update to the Alpha line of full frame mirrorless cameras. Much like its predecessor, the Sonly a7S II is an impressive HD video camera with wide dynamic range, ultra-high sensitivity and superior shooting stability. The latest update allows for recording 4K video internally as well as supporting Sony's S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3. They have also improved the image processing algorithm delivering high-quality images with spectacular details.

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