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How To: Capture Sports Motion

We’re starting a new how-to series on the Bolt Productions Blog. Each month, we will feature a new how-to on the latest tricks and techniques. This month, we’re kicking things off with a sports motion photography how-to from our friends at Broncolor. 



The goal for this shoot was to capture the unseen motion in the action of the baseball players swing. In most cases, these actions take place too fast for the human eye. In order to capture this still image, the photographer used the Broncolor Scoro and multiple flash burst. The Scoro is packed with features including multiple burst of flash as well as combining packs with different delay times and power settings. To shoot this effectively, you need to put your subject in front of a black background. For lighting, we recommend two P70’s and several softboxes to illuminate the frame. 

Lighting Setup

The final challenge with this shoot was recording the baseball player in each portion of the swing without causing the image to be too confusing or overexposed. In order to resolve this issue, the camera was turned during exposure to ensure that the players movements were recorded in multiple positions for the end result.