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Trying to decide between renting or buying that latest piece of equipment you’ve been pining over? Before you swipe that credit card, take into consideration the advantages of renting that lens instead of buying.



  • Experimentation – Isn’t the whole point to have a little fun and flex your creativity muscle? Renting lenses gives you the option to experiment and explore with what’s on the market. The tilt-shift is hardly an everyday lens but is fun to rent for a weekend in the city.
  • Flexibility – Have a job that requires a specific piece of equipment? It’s totally worth renting instead of letting it sit on your shelf for months at a time. You can also factor the cost of the rental into your bid, passing the cost to your client.
  • Extra Gear – You never know when a piece of equipment is going to fail. You’d hate for that to happen in the middle of a job where a reshoot is impossible. It’s better to stock your bag with additional lenses to give you options and a piece of mind.
  • Bottom Line – Renting equipment saves you money, period. Not tying up your cash flow in lenses, allows you to spend it on other parts of your business like marketing.
  • Comparison – Are you trying to decide between a 400mm prime or the 100-400 zoom? Take them both for a test drive by renting. This will let you see which result you like best and help you make a decision before purchasing.

Before you make a big purchase, try renting several lenses to weigh your options. You might find that you don’t like as much or that it’s more cost effective to rent the equipment on an as need basis. This will give you piece of mind when you’re ready to purchase a new lens.

Ready to give something a test run? Give us a call or read the How-To-Rent page.