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Armor Man 2 rentals

Tilta Armor Man 2

Armor Man 2 has been re-designed so that the user can now move their hands away from the mechanical arms when needed. A V-lock or gold mount battery can be mounted to the rear of the vest with power cables that run through the suit to supply the gimbal. The Armor man lets the operator easily support weights of up to 44 lbs and can be used with other makers’ gimbals too. 

Armor Man Features

  • Compatible with Tilta Gravity, DJI Ronin, Freefly Movi, and various other gimbal systems
  • Quick release dual spring arms with adjustable tension control
  • Swivel down spring arms can be clipped along your waist for resting between takes
  • Adjustable vest for a comfortable custom fit
  • V-Lock battery plate with 4-Pin Lemo power socket
  • Swivel hand grip support for arms free control and mobility
  • Packed in a traveling hard case with a custom protective foam insert

The Armor Man 2 is available for Rental either daily or weekly from Bolt.  

Product Description

Two mechanical arms with shock-absorbing stabilized system. Support and free your arms. You can move your arms during shooting. You will have better concentration on the shooting without disturbance from the weight . Compatible with all handheld gimbal systems Adjustable arms to suit different cameras Not only the perfect partner for handheld stabilized systems but also a great choice for all types of shooting. Smaller and lighter than traditional stabilizers.

Rental Rates

  • Daily $100

  • Weekly $300


Armor Man 2 product details