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Mole-Richardson 1600W Tener LED

Bright enough to bring an artificial sun to the dimmest of locations. The Tener LED low draw makes it practical for many situations, including indoor residential shooting. The new light has a 13A load running on 110V, and a 7A load at 220V, so it's able to run on many regular lighting circuits.

The Mole Richardson 1600W Tener LED provides daylight-balanced output, with similar lighting possibilities as an incandescent 10,000-watt light, using LED technology. It features a 14" diameter borosilicate glass Fresnel lens, enabling you to use it in the same manner that you would use an incandescent fixture, without generating the same heat or drawing nearly as much power.



With a CRI rating of 90, the daylight-like output provides good sunlight reproduction. The Tener can be dimmed from 100% brightness down to 0% without flicker at standard frame rates, and with only minimal color shift. The fixture allows both local (manual) and remote dimming allowing you to adjust the brightness level of the light from a DMX 512 compatible panel (panel not included).

Front and rear focus knobs allow you to vary the spot/flood beam pattern from 10 to 55°.


Included with the fixture is a 25' long head cable that connects the ballast to the head.


Compatible with accessories designed for a Mole Richardson 10,000-Watt Baby Tener.

Rental Rates

DAILY $225


Mole Richardson Tener Videos