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Mole Richardson Senior LED Daylight

Senior LED Fresnel

5K Lighting and Color Flexibility on a Standard Power Outlet

The Mole Richardson Senior 900W Daylight LED Fresnel is brighter than a 1200W HMI, but runs on a household circuit. It provides 5600K light source with 90+ CRI, and the on-board power supply includes dimming from 0 - 100%.

The lighting is remarkably consistent across different intensity levels, regardless of whether set to daylight or tungsten white point.

The Senior LED features a 10" lens for a nice wide beam spread and the Fresnel lens and standard focus adjustment will be familiar to anyone who’s used Mole lighting before. Beam shaping on the LED spotlights will feel a little different to adjusting a traditional tungsten Fresnel, but the difference is one that will fade with familiarity once you start working with the LED version. 

Rental Rates

  • DAILY $150

  • WEEKLY $450

Mole Richardson Senior Video