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Fiilex Test Drive Program

New at Bolt: The Fiilex Test Drive, a one week rental program to try Fiilex lighting gear for 1 week.


Fiilex Test Drive Slider


These six kits are offered for the test drive –

  • Matrix (K164 kit, Barndoors, Fresnel)
  • Q1000-DC (K154 kit, 8 Inch Fresnel, Para Softbox)
  • Q500-DC (K152 kit, 8 Inch Fresnel, Para Softbox)
  • Q500-AC (K151 kit, 8 Inch Fresnel, Para Softbox)
  • K412 kit (2x P360EX, 2x P180E)
  • K302 kit (3x P360EX)

To be eligible for the test drive program you must fill out a rental agreement form and provide a fedex number for shipping. If you do not have a fedex number, we will bill you ground shipping.

The test drive gives you a chance to test the gear for 1 week.