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Broncolor Lighting Rentals in Dallas


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Constant Color Temperature

Broncolor's patented ECTC technology enables a constant average color temperature over the entire output range. With this unique technology Broncolor provides output control over 11 f-stops, or ten f-stop steps, at constant colour temperature. There is no other technology which compares with this performance. 

Broncolor Light Shapers

The broncolor Beauty Dish reflector is white coated and has a counter reflector inside. It is an ideal reflector for portrait and beauty photography, it is an interesting alternative to softboxes, being more directional but still soft. It can be combined with honeycomb for a smaller light angle and/or with a diffuser for softer and brightershadows.

Power Packs

Broncolor power packs are designed for long life under heavy use. Long-life capacitors, extra-high capacity components and solid state design ensure trouble-free operation for years, and are designed with maximum safety in mind.

Scoro S

Scoro S is the first choice for exceptional pictures. With Scoro S, broncolor sets no less than four world records, and remains the major influence in modern flash technology.

Scoro E

Scoro E fascinates just by its appearance. Simplification by reduction is the watchword, the Scoro E is armed for the best results in fashion and still-life photography.


The easiest and most affordable start into the broncolor system. Designed for photographers
who are often on the road.

Move, the portable strobe light

For photographers whose life takes place more outdoors than in. The Move is a lightweight athlete with lithium battery.


Broncolor Grafit A defines state-of-the-art control and convenience in studio strobe lighting.

Light Umbrella

Broncolor offers umbrellas in two sizes (85 cm and 105 cm diameter). Umbrellas are available in different versions: transparent and with white or silver coating.

Lighting Diagrams