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Canon Video Camera Rental and Equipment


Bolt Productions rents Canon digital imaging products for still and motion professionals.

What's your shooting style?  Will you define the camera or will the camera define you?

Canon Camera Rentals EOS 1D X Mark II Small

Professional DSLR Cameras

Professional and advanced photographers need uncompromising image quality, performance and reliability. We rent Canon equipment for the very same reasons. Each Canon camera we offer has a proven track record of reliability and durability. We also carefully maintain each model to ensure that every customer can focus on great shooting and need not worry about any gear they rent from Bolt Productions.

Canon EOS Digital SLRs offered at Bolt are for those who demand the very highest standards in image quality and video quality in any condition whether you are shooting products or sports events, and much more.

Bolt Production offers an extensive line of Canon DSLRs available for either daily or weekly rentals. We also offer a wide range of Canon lenses and accessories for each model. 


Professional Video Cameras

Canon Camera Rentals C300 MarkII Small

If you're looking for a professional camcorder designed with high-specification optics and extensive manual controls, Canon video cameras are right for you.

Known as the some of best camcorders for Full HD video, the Canon HD CMOS Pro Sensor allows you to capture video with a wide dynamic range ensuring that fine details are captured in the highlights and shadows in even the most challenging conditions.

Whether you are looking to explore your passion for movie making, or for shooting a corporate video, Bolt Productions can help you secure not only the camera you need but also the lighting, grip, and all of the production gear your need.