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Fiilex LED Lights



DiCon Fiberoptics, manufacturer of the Fiilex brand of lights, conquers the most challenging issues facing LED lights for still and motion photography.


 Fiilex LED Lighting Tuneable color

Accurate Tuneable Color

Control of the color temperature facilitates unlimited lighting applications. Using the Dense Matrix LED, the P360 has the ability to smoothly tune the spectrum of light, producing any color temperature of white light with high CRI.



Fiilex Dense Matrix LED Lighting

Dense Matrix LED

The Dense Matrix LED, allows for more LEDs closer together on a single array. This allows for all the chips to emit through a single lens, making for an effective point source light, that creates a single shadow. The array consists of multichannel LED's which gives the ability to color tune the light.




Fiilex LED Lighting Super Quiet Fan

Super Quiet Fan

Sound is an important area of consideration for our engineers to meet the difficult standards of motion picture. We have come up with a superior solution to dampen the acoustics.






Fiilex LED Lighting System Rentals

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