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Sony Digital Cameras and Products at Bolt Producitons


Bolt Productions rents Sony digital cameras and products for still and motion professionals.

Sony is one of the leading names in the professional HD video and still camera market. Weather you are shooting with a a7SII DSLR rig out in the field or with an FS7 system in a studio environment, Sony cameras set the standard for image quality, digital workflow and consistent performance.

Sony is helping modest, budget-conscious productions take HD motion technology to the next level by producing cost-effective solutions that integrate seamlessly into multi-camera productions.

sony digital cameras as7 ii

Sony Professional DSLR Cameras

We rent Sony products like the Sony a7SII because it offers an ultra-high sensitivity and wide dynamic range across the entire ISO range, great for shooting in the most challenging light conditions.



sony digital cameras a7r mark ii digital FRT w lens DE200

Bolt also rents the Sony a7R II for its sensitivity and speedy response with its back-illuminated 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor with 42.4 megapixels. It also supports 4K video and unlike the A7s, it'll record it internally too.
Sony a7RII rental rates.



sony digital cameras FS7DE 400

Sony Professional Camcorders

For videographers we rent the most uncompromising camera available, the Sony FS7. It is loaded with high end features, great ergonomics and internal 4K recording with a super 35mm sensor, and it records from 1 to 180 frames per second.
Sony FS7 Rental Rates

We feel confident that renting one of our Sony products will meet your professional shooting needs, and that you’ll love their reliability and durability too.