No AC Power? No problem!

Take the power wherever you go

Our inventory of professional photo and cine equipment is always expanding, making good on our mission to provide you with the latest and greatest equipment on the market today. We think you’ll love what’s currently new in our rental inventory…
Three Portable Power Solutions for lighting and cameras
Worrying about AC power when you’re on-location is a thing of the past, and now you’ve got three new portable power solutions to choose from!
Core EcoFlow Pro SM

The new Aputure Delta Pro is a 3600wh capacity generator that can power up to 5 lights simultaneously. It also provides the juice for your cameras, computers, and even your iPhone.

Weighing in at 99 pounds, it’s designed for easy transport to any location, and with an extremely accurate information display that lets you know the estimated life of the battery based on the units plugged into it, you’ll never be surprised by equipment that’s run dry.

As far as battery life goes, this is what we’ve seen when running the following units at full power:

Unit Battery Life
Aputure LS1200 D 2 Hours Plus 2 Hours Plus
Aputure 600C4  Hours Plus
Aputure 300X 10 Hours Plus
Arri S60 7 Hours

Soon, we’ll even have an add-on battery to connect to the generator and a portable solar panel to charge the unit while in use, allowing you to recharge the Delta Pro in under 3 hours on a regular 15 amp line.

The Aputure Delta Pro is now available to rent at $145 per day.

Core Apex

Designed to finally answer the call for a tailored on-board battery solution, the Apex HV battery packs are the ideal power solution for high power LED lighting.

The APX-360HV offers a 367wh Lithium Ion V-Mount solution capable of outputting up to 12A continuously as well as providing extended runtimes. With Apex’s continuous 12A load output, the user will enjoy a more “true” runtime while operating the high power LED lighting systems. The high voltage Apx360hv is capable of delivering even more power under lower current requirements allowing for a more efficient, cooler operation of LED lights which accepts higher voltages.*

The units are V-Mount built and we offer an optional Gold Mount adapter.

The Core Apex 360 HV V-Mount Battery System is now available to rent for $35.00 per day.

Core Neo V-Mount Battery System

The Neo 9 Mini is a Mini V-Mount lithium ion battery pack that’s designed to power your cinematic cameras and is UN 38.3 Certified & travel safe.
The units are V-Mount built and we offer an optional Gold Mount adapter.

As far as battery life goes, we’ve seen impressive results. With a 25w draw the run time was 3.6hrs.

In addition you will find:
– Backlit LCD with runtime/charge time display
– “Smart” p-tap that relays battery life info to equipped devices
– 5v USB port for USB accessory power or charging

The Core Neo 9 Mini 98wh V-Mount Battery System is now available to rent for $20.00 per day.