How to Rent Camera & Video Equipment


Equipment Rental  Agreement

In order to get you on your way without delay, we need the following from you:

  1. Completely fill out and return the Rental Account Agreement.
  2. Provide a copy of your current Driver’s License and Credit Card (front & back).
  3. Provide a Certificate of General Liability Insurance naming Bolt Productions as Additional Insured and as
    Loss Payee, with limits not less than $1,000,000.00 for General Liability Insurance, including Premises
    Liability and Product/Completed Operations Liability Insurance and the full replacement cost of rented
    equipment on an All Risk, Replacement Cost basis.

Rental equipment must be returned in the manner it was rented.

Download Bolt Rental Agreement PDF Here

Certificate of Insurance

The sample download form below has dollar amounts filled in that are required for equipment and grip truck rental.

Insurance protects us all and Bolt Productions requires our customers to have a Certificate of Insurance (COI) on file.  Please be aware that there are many types of insurance and as such, a general Certificate of Liability may NOT protect you against damage, loss, or theft of rental photo equipment or grip truck incidents.  More often than not insurance companies require a special provision, or “rider” to be placed on your existing policy to name specific articles to be insured.All policies submitted to Bolt Productions are required to include at least the following:

  1. Name Bolt Productions the additionally insured or loss payee
  2. Specifically state that the policy is for rented photo equipment (or equivalent verbiage) or grip truck rental
  3. Policy value is equal to, or greater than, the replacement value of the rented equipment

Please feel free to download this sample policy to help explain the requirements.  The red text on the sample form hi-lights the important information required on a policy.
As always, discuss with your insurance agency or agent, exactly what is covered and for what amount in your policy.

Bolt Certificate of Insurance Sample

Studio Rental Contract

If you wish to rent the studio please download our Studio Rental Contract.  The form allows you to use the Typewriter Tool in Adobe Reader to fill in the appropriate spaces and email directly to Bolt Productions.

By submitting the form and receiving confirmation from Bolt Productions, it will serve as a guarantee of your reservation and also explain the requirements and guidelines of Bolt Production’s rental studio.  We want your experience to be as successful and safe as possible for you and your clients.

Studio Rental Contract

New at Bolt: The Fiilex Test Drive, a one week rental program to try Fiilex lighting gear for 1 week.

These six kits are offered for the test drive

  • Matrix (K164 kit, Barndoors, Fresnel)
  • Q1000-DC (K154 kit, 8 Inch Fresnel, Para Softbox)
  • Q500-DC (K152 kit, 8 Inch Fresnel, Para Softbox)
  • Q500-AC (K151 kit, 8 Inch Fresnel, Para Softbox)
  • K412 kit (2x P360EX, 2x P180E)
  • K302 kit (3x P360EX)

To be eligible for the test drive program you must fill out a rental agreement form and provide a fedex number for shipping. If you do not have a Fedex number, we will bill you ground shipping.

The test drive gives you a chance to test the gear for 1 week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I pick up or drop off equipment after business hours (8:30-5:30 M-F)

A- Our after hours pick up and drop off policy is a follow. We charge $30 per hour for every hour we need to be available beyond our normal business. Hours. Weekend drop offs and pick ups are by appointment only and based on staff availability. There is a $75 minimum fee for pick up and drop offs on Saturday and Sunday.

Q- Do you deliver equipment orders?

A- Our delivery fees are based on time of day, quantity of gear, and distance from our location. Our general policy is to only offer delivery for orders of $750 or more.

Once we know when and where you need delivery, we can provide you a quote. We also require that a member of your crew be present for drop off and pick up. Rates quoted are for curb-side or dockside delivery only.

Q- Do you provide shipping for  equipment rentals?

A- Our preferred shipper is Fedex. If you can provide us with a Fedex number, we are happy to ship your order. Please keep in mind, there is some items that are not suitable for shipping such as rolling stands and megabooms.

Q-If I do not have renters insurance, can I still rent equipment?

A- We will rent equipment without a Certificate of Insurance given you can provide a credit card for the replacement value of the items you are renting.  We hold that amount on your card during the duration of the rental. When your return your order, we will release the hold on your credit card minus the rental fee.