Not to be confused with the fruit, Apple Boxes are some of the most useful pieces of grip equipment on a photography or videography shoot. They are used to prop up or support anything in the shot temporarily, such as levelling a dolly track or propping up light stands. Sandbags, on the other hand, are used to weigh down lightweight materials such as scrims to prevent them from billowing in any breeze.

Providing the backbone of the background grip equipment are Autopoles, collapsible crossbars typically used to supporting photography lighting equipment, or for hundreds of other studio and outdoor applications.

Booms from manufacturers like Matthews are the extendable, adjustable arms used to mount microphones in a videography shoot. They are great for positioning the microphone close to the sound source, while being discreet enough to remain out of the frame of the shot.

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Grip Equipment Rentals

Rent backdrop stands, sandbags, background support, booms, and more from Bolt Productions. Our rental house has a variety of the best Grip Equipment Rentals at daily and weekly rates!

Grip Truck

Find a pricing estimate below, or check out our Truck and Van rentals for a full package of equipment and mobility.

All Grip Equipment Rentals require our customers to fill out an equipment rental agreement and have insurance to protect not only our equipment, but also the renter.

Please completely fill out and return a Rental Account Agreement and provide a Certificate of Insurance to have on file prior to the pick up of your rental.

Please note all rental equipment must be returned in the manner it was rented.