ProMaster Grip Truck & Van from Bolt

Grip Truck & Van

Bolt’s ProMaster Grip Truck standard package rental includes 100 miles, built in ramp for loading and unloading, EZ-Load grip and electrical cart with detachable net basket, mini head cart, and mini fistro cart. Fuel and expendables billed as used.

  • DAILY: $350

All Grip Truck rentals require insurance to protect not only our equipment, but also the renter.
Please provide a Certificate of Insurance to have on file prior to the pick up of your rental.

Beefy Baby Stand4
40” C-Stand w/ Arm & Knuckle5
20″ C-Stand w/ Arm & Knuckle1
Backlight Stand w/ Pole1
Baby Roller Stand1
Medium Roller w/ 4″ Grip Head2
High Boy Roller w/ 4″ Grip Head2
Avenger Mini Boom w/ Weight1
Manfrotto Adjustable Crossbar1
25 lb Sandbag8
Super Clamp6
Baby Snap-In Pin6
Cardellini Clamp2
A-Clamp Small6
A-Clamp Medium6
A-Clamp Large2
Baby-Jr. Adapter Pin4
Baby Nail-On Plate1
Big Ben Rail Clamp2
Speed Rail Coupler1
Full Apple Box2
Half Apple Box2
Quarter Apple Box2
Pancake Apple2
12×18 Solid Flag2
18×24 Solid Flag2
23×36 Solid Flag2
4×4 Floppy Flag2
24×36 Open End Silk2
24X36 Single Black Net2
24×36 Double Black Net2
6×6 Frame w/ 4 Corners and 2 Ears1
6×6 Full Stop Artificial Silk1
6×6 Solid Black Duvee1
6×6 White/Black Ultrabounce1
25′ Stingers4
50′ Stingers2
Power Strip1
4’x8′ Black/White V-Flats2
4′ Step Ladder1
Furniture Pads3
Traffic Cones4

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