2″ Matte Black Photo Tape

$25.00 each

2″ Matte Black Photo Tape


Made of Small Core paper with solid glue properties, the 2′ Matte Black Photo Tape measures at 2″ wide by 90′ long. Gaffer tape can be found on any set, as a highlights or lowkey players with endless uses. Gaffer tape is essential for any photography or videography grip kit. Gaffer tape is generally utilized for securing links, setting marks in a scene, display purposes, or acting as a universally handy adhesive. The business cherishes gaff tape since it can be cut without sharp object. It can also be removed effectively which lessens harm to the surfaces it clings to. Bolt Productions stocks a substantial amount of gaffer tape. Highlights include paper material, matte photo black shading, 2 inches width, and a 90 foot length.


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