2408 Converse Studio

2408 Converse Studio



The 2408 Converse studio is backed by a large assortment of photographic equipment and supprt services for your studio shoot.  Besides our extensive equipment, we are able to assist you putting your photogrpahic shoot together.  All equipment rented for use in the studio must be reserved in advance and will be made available under our normal terms and conditions.

2408 Converse is a stand alone private 4,000 square foot space with almost 3,000 square foot of open shooting space and lot of natural light.

Rental Rates

To book studio space call 888-939-7822.


  • Private Entrance
  • 14’ Ceiling Height
  • Full Kitchen
  • Loading Dock
  • Dressing Room
  • Wireless Access
  • Telephone
  • Sound System & Media Center
  • Network Printer
  • Client Area


The Bolt rental studios are backed by a large assortment of photographic equipment and support services for your studio shoot. In addition to offering an unprecedented selection of high-quality still and motion rental gear, we provide a variety of on-hand inventory of essential supplies, and a list of local talent including digital techs, stylists, prop houses, set builders, and caterers.


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