3’x3′ Fabric-Lite 350W Bi-Color LED


Aladdin 3’x3′ Fabric-Lite 350W Flexible Bi-Color LED Light

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If you’ve ever wished you could bend your framed LED panel into a shape that conforms to your subject matter, the Aladdin Fabric-Lite 350W Flexible Bi-Color LED Light is your solution. The Fabric-Lite is literally flexible. Bend the 3 x 3′ mat into a u-shape for wrap around lighting, into a cylinder for rim lighting, or for long, elegant highlights on glassware or other reflective objects. Its light weight, negligible heat, and thickness of only 0.25″ means you can squeeze it into tight places or use it up close to the talent without fear of hazard.

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  • 3’x3′ Fabric Lite
  • Dimmer Unit
  • V-Mount Battery Power Adapter
  • 2- AC Power Adapters
  • 2m Extension Cable
  • 5m Extension Cable
  • 3’x3′ Diffusor
  • 3’x3′ Grid
  • Soft Case
  • Frame
  • Pouch
  • 16 Bungee Ties




  • A powerful LED light source that is flexible and light weight you can mount virtually anywhere in any shape
  • Foldable design makes it easy to carry around or neatly fold away for transport
  • High Output, High Quality LED – CRI/TLCI 97
  • Can be used in a frame with a diffuser and a grid for more control
  • Arrange with 3 others to create a 12×12′ source
  • Variable Color 2900-6200K


This light it compatible with almost any other light and can match daylight, tungsten, and other sources in between.


Kit Stand


Block Batteries with V-Mount Adapter


Description Specification
Light Source Super High CRU Power LED’s 350W
Color Temperature 2900°K-6200°K
Beam Angle 140°
Cooling Passive Cooling
Material Fabric
Square Sheet Dimension 36″x36″
Square Sheet Array 30×40
Output Power Up to 350W
Dimming Step 0.5%-100%
Dimming Resolution 0.1%
Input Power DC 48B or 2x26V Battery
User Display Graphic OLED (128×64)
Wired DMX DMX512 protocol with In/Out port / 2 Channels
Wireless DMX LumenRadio
Dimensions 190mm x 110mm x 62mm
Daylight 97
Bi-Color 97
Tungsten 98
Daylight 98
Bi-Color 98
Tungsten 98
Lux Tungsten to Daylight
60cm/2ft 15,400-17,800 Lux
1m/3.3ft 7,910-8,940 Lux
2m/6.6ft 2,340-2,670 Lux
3m/9.9ft 1,150-1,300 Lux
Color Temperature
Daylight 6300°K
Tungsten 2900°K


Aladdin Technical Series – FABRIC LITE The System

Aladdin Technical Series – FABRIC LITE The Frame

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