7B 1200 with 2 Batteries and Charger


Profoto 7B with 2 Batteries and Charger Only


The Profoto 7B with 2 Batteries and Charger Power Pack is the choice demanded by photographers worldwide and the standard of professional studios.

The Pro-7 line delivers thousands of flashes at a blazing recycling rate and is able to shift power output or color temperature without overheating.

Even at a maximum power output, you can achieve action-stopping flash durations. Recycle time is 2.8 seconds at full power, and 1.4 seconds at 600 w/s. At minimum power, the flash fires at 1/3,000 second. The Profoto 7B Battery Power Pack allows either asymmetrical or symmetrical power distribution to two lamp head outlets.

With a capacity of 250 full power flashes, or 1000 flashes at .25 power, the removable 12V battery inside the Profoto 7B and can be replaced quickly with an optional spare battery in a special cassette. The battery charge will be full within 5 and a half hours, using the supplied Multi-Voltage AC charger, or via a car cigarette lighter in 2.5 hours. For the ultimate solution for the most involved on-location shoots, pair the Profoto 7B with 2 Batteries and Charger with a few lamp-heads.

Includes 2 Batteries and 1 Charger

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