Aputure F10 Fresnel Attachment


Aputure F10 Fresnel Attachment – 10″ Fresnel for LS 600D Lights (LED Not Included)

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Aputure F10 Fresnel Attachment

The F10 Fresnel Attachment for LS 600d LED Light from Aputure allows the light to be focused from a 15° spot to a 45° medium flood. Similar to the Fresnel 2X attachment, the F10 Fresnel utilizes a two-stage optical system which allows for intensity of light to be a maximum of 340% greater than the bare COB LED. It is compatible with the F10 barndoors set, and other 13″ accessories such as wire scrims and filter holders.

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  • 10″ Diameter Bowens-mount 10F Fresnel Attachment
  • Padded Case for Transport and Storage


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  • 10″ Diameter Fresnel in a Compact Housing
  • Dual Lens Design Focuses Beam from 15-45º
  • Bowens Mount – Designed to be used with the LS 600D
  • Max output is over 29,000 lux @ 3M (9.84 Ft.)


This product is compatible with all Aputure Bowens-mount LED fixtures (120, 300, 600). Optimal performance is achieved when the F10 is paired with the Light Storm 600D.






Distance 1M (3.28 Ft) 3M (9.84 Ft) 5M (16.4 Ft)
45º Flood 89,200 (lux) / 8,289 (fc) 11,400 (lux) / 1,063 (fc) 4,260 (lux) / 395 (fc)
15º Spot 224,200 (lux) / 20,836 (fc) 29,300 (lux) / 2,723 (fc) 10,580 (lux) / 983 (fc)


F10 Fresnel User Guide


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