Edelkrone SliderPLUS Pro Large


Edelkrone SliderPLUS Pro Large (2.3 Ft travel on a tripod)


Edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO

The SliderPlus Pro’s load capacity of up to 15 lbs makes it excellent for professional DSLR camera setups. It’s compact size makes it ideal for traveling as it takes of up less room in your camera bag than other sliders with a similar sliding range.

When mounted on a tripod, the edelkrone SliderPLUS PRO Large, the rails of the slider move with the camera which gives doubles the sliding range of the slider to 27.6″.

The tracking system works by having two thin bands that are connected to each side of the mounting plate and base plate. When placed on a flat surface, the base plate travels in the opposite direction of the mounting plate. This yields results similar to traditional sliders.

The slider has a 3/8″ threaded hole at the bottom of the base plate for attaching to tripods, and provides a retractable 3/8″ screw for mounting a flat base tripod head to the mounting plate.

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Days Needed

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Rental Rates

  • DAILY $65

  • WEEKLY $195

All rentals require insurance to protect not only our equipment, but also the renter.

Please provide a Certificate of Insurance to have on file prior to the pick up of your rental.


SliderPLUS Large

Battery Plate adapter (Canon or Sony)

Motion Control Belt

2.5 mm allen key



  • Tracking System for Increased Range
  • 27.6″ Sliding Range when Tripod Mounted
  • 13.8″ Sliding Range on Flat Surfaces
  • 26 lb Load Capacity
  • Compact at Only 21.1″ Long
  • 3/8″ Mounting Hole
  • 3/8″ Tie-Down Screw
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Construction
  • Steel Ball Bearings


  • CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Steel ball bearings
  • Pop-up 3/8″ camera mount screw; retracts into mounting plate for storage
  • Adjustable feet for use on ground or flat surfaces
  • 27.6″ Sliding range travel on a tripod
  • 15 lb Load Capacity


SliderPLUS Manual

Action Module Manual

Target Module Manual

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