Fiilex K302 3-Light Kit AC


Fiilex K302 3-Light Kit AC

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The 301 3-Light P360 LED Kit from Fiilex focuses on the variable shading of the P360 LED light. The unit incorporates three P360 lights for a consolidated aggregate of around 1,000 tungsten proportionate watts, alongside AC/DC control connectors and 4-path barndoors for each light. The pack additionally incorporates three 7′ light stands, one 15×15″ softbox with speedring,  and a portable wheeled case with pressure system.

Perfect for on or off camera video or photography work, the P360 90W LED Light has a variable shading temperature between 3,000-5,600K and a high Color Rendering Index rating of 90-95. The P360 utilizes a 50 diode Dense Matrix LED cluster that could fit on a dime and renders a brilliant gleam free yield with variable shaft edges of 29-64 degrees.

At just 1.6 lb with a 4″ measurement, the P360 is a perfect area light that can be fueled by the included 100-240VAC power connector or by 12-28VDC batteries. You’ll value its stellar low power usage and ability for personal control, which means low running expenses and long running circumstances.

Includes Three P360 Vari-shading LED Heads, One Fiilex Accessory Kit, and One 15×15″ Softbox with Speedring

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