Fiilex Matrix Light


Fiilex Matrix LED Light – 1500W Equivalent, 2800-6500 Color Temp, +/- .25 Hue


With the Matrix light, Fiilex creates a light quality traditionally only achievable through the use of much larger and more cumbersome fresnels. The Matrix leverages Fiilex’s Dense-Matrix technology by fusing multiple sources into a single fixture. The result is a crisp, directional light with a large homogeneous field of light and a smooth shadow transition. This versatile and powerful fixture also works well bounced through scrims, or off walls and ceilings to create large area washes. Engineered with modularity in mind, the 1500W-equivalent Matrix works excellently on its own or grouped in an array of multiple lights.

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Days Needed

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Rental Rates

  • DAILY $95

  • WEEKLY $285

All Fiilex LED Lighting rentals require insurance to protect not only our equipment, but also the renter.
Please provide a Certificate of Insurance to have on file prior to the pick up of your rental.


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  • 1500W Equivalent, 2800-6500 Color Temp, +/- .25 Hue
  • Dense Matrix LED Technology
  • TLCI of >98 and CRI of >96
  • Variable Color Temperature: 2800 – 6500K
  • Includes Barndoors Set
  • Optional Fresnel Lens or 3×4 Softbox Available


1500W-2000W Output Equivalent, 340W Draw

Full Dimming

IP-24 (Water-Resistant)

Extended Color Temperature Range (2800K – 6500K)

High CRI (>96) at Any Color Temperature

Weighs Only 12.8 lbs

LCD Display & DMX-Ready

Flicker Free at Any Frame Rate

Virtually Heat Free and Cool to Touch