K5600 Kurve 4.5′ Parabolic Umbrella


Kurve 4.5′ Parabolic Umbrella (Also includes 5/8″ Pin Focus Tubes & 3 Diffusors)


K 5600 Kurve 4.5’ Parabolic Umbrella

The new Kurve 4.5’ Parabolic Umbrella is one of 3 new parabolic umbrella reflectors from K 5600. The 4.5’ Kurve can handle any Joker HMI up to 1600W, other 2K incandescent fixtures, and strobe heads.

The Kurve’s unique shape and sizes provide beautiful, even, focusable light with unique highlights and wrapping ability. Softboxes are soft and flat while the Kurve provides a distinct light over large areas with excellent shadows and a light quality perfect for rich, beautiful shots and a sparkle in the eye.

**30 minutes of training must be completed before Kurve can be rented without a technician.

Additional information

Days Needed

1 Day, 2 Days, Weekly, Weekend

Rental Rates

  • DAILY $180

  • WEEKLY $540

All Kurve rentals require insurance to protect not only our equipment, but also the renter.

Please provide a Certificate of Insurance to have on file prior to the pick up of your rental.


Kurve 4.5 Parabolic Umbrella
Yoke Mount with Crank
2 Focus Tubes
2 Pyrex Protections Shields
Counter Light Reflector
3 Diffusion Cloths
Hard Traveling Case


K 5600 Website

Instruction Book


  • Hand Crank for Easy tilting
  • Twist Locking ring for Umbrella
  • Safety pyrex shields for bulb
  • Counter Reflector
  • Baby Pin Mounting Option
  • H/T Focus Tube
  • 3 Diffusion cloths


The Kurve 4.5’ umbrella is compatible with Joker HMI lights up to 1600W, up to 2k tungsten lights, & strobe heads.



Case Weight with product52.8 lbs


Kurve Instructions

K5600 Kurve Parabolic Umbrella at NAB 2016