K5600 Kurve 4.5 with Joker Bug 1600W


Kurve 4.5 w/ Joker Bug 1600W lamp And Stand


**30 minutes of training must be completed before Kurve can be rented without a technician.

Introducing the K5600 Kurve 4.5 with Joker Bug 1600W – A line of large parabolic reflectors that takes your Joker from the smallest to the largest light on set.

Available in three different diameters (3, 4.5, & 6 feet), the Kurve parabolic reflectors are focusable and adaptable to not only the abundant number of Jokers already within the market, but infinite other fixtures as well – from flash to incandescent lighting.

The Kurve’s unique shape and sizes provide beautiful, even, focusable light with unique highlights and wrapping ability. Softboxes are soft and flat while the Kurve provides a distinct light over large areas with excellent shadows and a light quality perfect for rich, beautiful shots and a sparkle in the eye.

This Kurve Kit includes Lamp and Stand, with Joker Bug 1600W.

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