P30+ H 31MP


P30+ H 31MP

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The PhaseOne P30+ with 31 MegaPixel Digital Back is a high quality fast fashion shooter with up to 1600 ISO capabilities. With its superior moiré control, it is also well suited for challenging shooting environments.

Designed to support a range of medium and large format as well as technical cameras, the P30+ H 31MP comes with accelerated features including Opticolor+, Dynamic+ and XPose+, offering only the top quality color precision in extreme shooting environments, improved high ISO image quality, and even extended up to one hour of  exposure times,  allowing photographers to push their creativity and innovative thinking to the limit.

The P+ Series comes with Capture One 4 RAW workflow software, offering photographers opportunity to utilize high quality RAW files while maintaining high color accuracy and output quality. The combined products allow photographers and videographers alike the ability to achieve clean, precise results at the moment of capturing the image, which can can easily be fine-tuned in post-production if necessary.

The P+ Series includes a new set of capture and imaging tools to provide photographers advanced flexibility to save time and effort.

Features include 31 mega pixels, improved image quality with OptiColor+, higher dynamic range up to 1600 ISO, untethered capability for ultimate freedom on location, and extreme exposure times: exposure times up to one hour at 15 degrees Celsius!

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