Scrim Jim Cine Silver/White


Scrim Jim Cine Silver/White Fabric (Frame not included)


The versatile two-sided Westcott Scrim Jim Cine Silver/White Fabric is compatible with 8′ x 8′, 6′ x 6′, or 3.5′ x 6′ Scrim Jim Cine frames and features a heavy-duty touch fastener lining for quick setup and convenient portability.The silver bounce side adds bright, specular highlights and an overall cooling quality while the white side produces soft, natural looking highlights. This reversible fabric has both bright, cool silver and neutral white reflective sides, allowing you to quickly switch between applications.

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8×8, 6×6, 3.5×6

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Rental Rates

  • DAILY $20 | 15 | 10

  • WEEKLY $80 | 60 | 40

All rentals require insurance to protect not only our equipment, but also the renter.

Please provide a Certificate of Insurance to have on file prior to the pick up of your rental.


  • Reversible Fabric with Silver Side and Neutral White Side
  • Cool, Bright Highlights with Distinct Specular Quality from Silver Side
  • Natural Color Rendition with Bright, Clean Highlights from White Side
  • Quick Installation and Removal


Open Frame

Scrim Jim Cine Frame

Scrim Jim Cine Full Stop Silk


Specs Description
Type Reversible Silver and Neutral White Sides
Material Double-Laminated Cloth
Use and Care Spot Clean by Hand with Non-Bleach Detergent
Dimensions 8′ x 8′, 6′ x 6′, or 3.5′ x 6′
Weight 7.1 oz / 200g
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