Versa Battery


Versa Battery w/ MagSafe 2, USB, and Multi-Tip Power Adapter

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  • Includes MagSafe 2, USB, and Multi-Tip Power Adapter
  • (Adds 300-400% run-time to a 15″ MacBook Pro)
  • 190 Watt-Hour Advanced Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack with Modified Magsafe Power Cable to Power Apple MacBook Pro 15″ and 17″
  • Rechargeable, Super High-Capacity, Advanced Battery Technology
  • Up to 4x longer battery life than your internal battery,depends on size of internal battery
  • 19V port: 5 Amps max (95Watts) – To Power Macbook Pro 15,17 and other 18-20V notebooks
  • 12V port: 2 Amps max – To Power CD, DVD and any cigarette port accessory with optional socket
  • USB Port: 1 Amp max – To Power any USB cabled device, including iPods, iPhones, and iPad

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