Make Create: for Photography Production

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Nicole Lloyd, one of the creators of the website Make Create. We were introduced to the site at the beginning of the year.

Make Create is an invite-only resource platform dedicated to sourcing and hiring vetted photography crew and production resources for editorial and advertising productions nationwide.

Make Create is built by producers, for producers, and is in attempt to continue establishing resources in several major markets across the country. The website also lists people anywhere within the US, because part of what Make Create tries to solve is gathering together a production crew up in places where crew might be harder to source.

One of the cool features about the site is that it allows members invite other crew members to become part of the site. All crew members and vendors wishing to list on Make Create must be invited to do so by other approved Make Create Members or site administrators. You can also go to the site and apply for an invitation to join.

Make Create does not take a commission on bookings and they do not manage clients or calendars. They just want to provide an organized and professional platform to help people get noticed and allow for ease of creating a stellar production crew. All crew members on the site have the option to list their reputations and professional background, and can even choose to route all communication to them as well.

We have started recommending Make Create as a resource for our customers who are looking for talent in Dallas. We at Bolt Productions encourage you to visit and apply for an invitation today to begin building a crew or simply just networking with other professionals in the industry.

The site lists vetted talent only. The invitation and selection process allows the members to handpick specific photography crew members and positions and production resources for editorial and advertising productions nationwide.

Search by market and by area of expertise, including but not limited to










Make Create has grown to be such a large photography production resource that it now lists photographers such as Kristin Barlowe, Joe Boris, Randal Ford, Brian Garland, Mark Hill, Amanda Marsalis, Pat Molnar, Chris Stanford and Jeff Stockwell. In addition, Make Create’s clients include American Apparel, Wrangler, Nissan, Google, and Lincoln!